Sri Sri Ravishanker is synonymous with Art of Living.  A visit to Bangalore is incomplete without a visit to his ashram. After having participated in Art of Living programme some years back, I had the good fortune of visiting his Ashram on Jun 30, 2012.By all means it was a unique experience. We visited the International Centre of the Art of Living foundation, situated in an area of 70 acres of land on its outskirts amidst natural beauty. Its main feature is Vishalakshi Mantap Meditation Hall, which is in the form of five layered lotus shaped. There is also an Information centre nearby besides an Amphitheatre and a Yagyashala, for use for larger groups of persons. This centre gets visitors from 140 countries for experiencing stress eliminating breathing techniques in programmes organized regularly. These are residential programmes for which comfortable accommodation is provided nearby along with a modern Kitchen, supplying meals to a large number of persons daily in the dining hall. In the old Ashram we went to Sumeru Mantap on a hillock, where we also did meditation for some time. We also saw the wedding hall which is being used for organizing weddings. Facilities of ATM, Cyber Café, and Cafeteria are also available. We were deeply impressed with the visit to the Goshala, the cow shelter having 230 cows of indigenous species. Each cow has been given a name and they respond when called by their names. Here organic pesticides and fertilizers are manufactured for use by farmers. Organic farming and plantations for medicines are also arranged. We also saw the Panchkarma centre for cleansing and rejuvenating the body naturally. Consultations can be held with Doctors for curative treatment plan. We also had a visit to Ayurveda College. VVMVP Rural School was started in 1981, catering to around 2000 children, who are given free education, uniform, footwear and mid day meals etc. There is Ved-Agama (Heritage School) for Ved and Vedic Sciences presently covering about 350 persons. Radhakund has lake, fountains, flora and greenery etc. There is Madhurya shop having a rich collection of Indian arts, crafts, fabric, jewellery, brass idols, paintings and carved pillars etc.  A visit to the Ashram makes us richer in various aspects of spirituality, health and natural beauty and generates a desire to visit it again.

                                                                                                            —- vijaiksharma



About vijaiksharma

OVERALL BRIEF PROFILE: An engineer cum management professional from Jaipur, India. Has been active as freelance writer, reviewer, trainer, examiner and translator. Has interests in Management, Quality, Meditation and Yoga. Has jointly written 6 books, besides about 185 articles, book-reviews, case studies, interviews and translations etc. published in foreign in Indian publications & 24 radio talks broad cast on All India Radio. A book-reviewer, an abstract writer and one of the “Writers of the month” for Jan 2007 on www.shvoong.com. Has won President of India award in 1968, Fellowship award in 1992 and H K Firodia award in 1996, Colvin Medal in 1957, IIIE Special Award-2017, Life time Achievement Award-2017 by ITSR, Jaipur, besides other appreciation letters. Has been abroad 6 times to USA, Europe, Bulgaria and Egypt. Also writes blogs with following links www.vijaiksharmaspeaks.blogspot.in, www.vijaiksharma.webs.com, www.sthavir.blogspot.in,

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