Many people are observed to be going after money, whether small or big. But there are exceptions. Recently I came across such a case. Jaipur city has a general tradition of decorating the markets, providing gates and colourful lighting all around on buildings, monuments, gates and shops etc during Diwali festival for about 5 days. A large number of persons, both locals and tourists enjoy these decorative lighting arrangements, along with their purchasing work, if any. However, there are restrictions for plying and parking of both 2 and 4 wheelers during this period. We live in a colony far away from the city centre. One of these days we reached the city centre with a view to see these decorative lighting arrangements. Since the distance to be covered for this purpose was long enough, walking was difficult. So we tried to hire a rickshaw. We settled with one rickshaw and he took us along. He was a very good, pleasing and talkative person. On his own, he showed the photographs of some of the big decorated gates, on his mobile, taken in the late night hours. He was flexible enough to agree to our requests to make changes in the routes, stop any where for some time for a closer view, wait and adjust for a better view. His actions were as if he was doing for his own benefit, but he was doing it for us. He also narrated to us the views of the common man, about the quality of this lighting, which we do not come to know otherwise. Finally at the end of the travel, we thanked him as his attitude was very positive and pleasant. We offered him some additional amount in appreciation, which we may call as tip, but he politely refused to accept it. He appeared to be satisfied with his hard earned money and wanted nothing more than that. We were wondering about the greed of many other persons to get richer and richer somehow or the other, by right means or wrong means, in contrast to this person, who was gleefully satisfied with his small but rightful earnings.



About vijaiksharma

OVERALL BRIEF PROFILE: An engineer cum management professional from Jaipur, India. Has been active as freelance writer, reviewer, trainer, examiner and translator. Has interests in Management, Quality, Meditation and Yoga. Has jointly written 6 books, besides about 185 articles, book-reviews, case studies, interviews and translations etc. published in foreign in Indian publications & 24 radio talks broad cast on All India Radio. A book-reviewer, an abstract writer and one of the “Writers of the month” for Jan 2007 on Has won President of India award in 1968, Fellowship award in 1992 and H K Firodia award in 1996, Colvin Medal in 1957, IIIE Special Award-2017, Life time Achievement Award-2017 by ITSR, Jaipur, besides other appreciation letters. Has been abroad 6 times to USA, Europe, Bulgaria and Egypt. Also writes blogs with following links,,,

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