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Rajasthan State in India has a beauty of its own, liked by people all over the world. A large number of tourists both from India and abroad, visit it every year. There are several places of tourist interest, in this state. But its only hill station is Mount Abu, which is close to Gujarat border. Its railhead is Abu road.  However, buses and taxis ply up to Mount Abu, which is primarily a tourist place and is basically dependent for its economy and survival, on the influx of the tourists. Its bus stand is in a central place of the town. Taxis and hand driven carts (thelas) ply here. Although it has its normal ups and downs expected in a hill station, but it is more or less on a flat portion of the hill. There are many points of tourist’s interest, some nearby and some at far off places. The famous Nakki Lake is within the township and always has lot of tourists. It has pedal run boats, greenery around and markets nearby. Although I had visited Mount Abu earlier, I was lucky to have visited it again during Apr 2013. Brahmakumari’s Peace Park is a beautiful place, with, greenery and coloured flowers over a vast stretch of land, with many facilities, learning points, discourses and literature available. This Peace park was inaugurated on Nov 03, 1989 by Raj Yogini Dadi Prakashmani. The highest peak in Mount Abu is named as Gurushikhar Peak, which is 18 Kms away. It has several temples, good scenery and many souvenir shops. Step by step, I went up to the top, although it was too steep a climb. There is Shooting point, a rocky portion of the hill, where some scenes of one of the popular Hindi films were shot earlier. Then there are famous Delwara temple, Achalgarh temple, Sunset point, Om Shanti Bhawan, Brahma Kumari  Museum, Shanker math and Adhar devi. Amongst far off points are famous Amba ji temple, Gabbar temple, Ropeway, Koteshwar and Kumbharia. With so many points of interest, a visit to this hill station is therefore a must.