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Everyone who is in service, whether Government or private, needs leave some time or the other, for various reasons.  This may be for short or long duration, planned or unexpected due to some emergent situations. Normally an organization sets down some rules giving types of leave, number of days of leave available in one year, possibility of accumulation of leave for encashment at some point of time in life, method  of obtaining sanction etc. But regarding availing leave, there are problems faced in real life, due to different types of situations, employees as well as bosses for sanctioning of leave required.

           Some employees do take leave with proper planning and prior sanction, with minimum number of unplanned needs. On the other hand, some persons may just not bother about the requirements of the organization or of their colleagues, or obtaining proper sanction of the leave and they may go on long leave and extend from there without bothering about its effect on the planned leave of others.  Such persons are too selfish and they may be able to manage with the boss any time and every time, but there is always an end to everything. Employees should  realize that frequently  going on leave and sometimes with fake reasons  or  excuses, indicates their own character, disturbs the planned leave programme of the colleagues, tells upon their own performance as well as that of the organization. After checking the record of leave taken and assessing the real reasons, we may question and confront the employees. In addition to the keeping of records by the employers, the employees themselves, should also keep a record of  the details  of the leave taken by them, for controlling their own leave requirements. People should know that this is also one of the factors for considering their betterment, future career, promotion, perks,  posting and transfer, etc.  There is another point, when due to exigencies of service, presence of the employee(s) is considered essential  and the leave when needed by some employees, may not be granted. This is more applicable to Government personnel.  

                  Bosses are also of different types. Most of the bosses ask the employees to plan their long leave well in advance, preferably at the beginning of the calendar year and  then they adjust/reduce the requirements so that all can avail long leave sometime or the other. But it is possible that they may keep the interests of their persons safe and uppermost in their mind and not bother much about others. One employee requested for 5 days casual leave, so as to make one full week, for bringing his wife back from her parental home. He was intimated in writing saying that since five others are on long leave, it cannot be sanctioned.  In spite of personal request, leave was not sanctioned even for 4 or 3 or 2 or 1 day. Perforce he requested for outstation leave for the two holidays in that week which  was then granted.   During this period he went home and brought his family back. Since distance of the destination was long, his stay in the parental home was just for a few hours. What an amount of stress he and his family must have faced?  Sometimes, to accommodate the requirements of long leave of someone, leave of some others may be cut short, modified or adjusted, even on some false  pretext, without bothering about the exact requirements. Sometimes even for the person’s own marriage, leave may not be granted more than for 7 or 10 days.  On the other hand, the leave of their favourite persons may be given at will. The boss should ensure that every person  should go on  annual long  leave to rejuvenate and return with more energy and enthusiasm and that there is uniformity in application of rules and the interests of all employees are safe guarded. But this is probably more possible in private organizations. Of course there is life besides the office or the organization, but, it goes without saying that the main thrust of  everybody  has to be on that thing, which gets them funds for their livelihood.