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Consultations with the parents & teachers


Normally it is considered that the children are less experienced and therefore they should be generally guided by their parents and/or teachers. The advice, discipline and control must be in the hands of the parents and the teachers, because amongst their well-wishers, they are placed the highest & they are in a position to identify their inclinations, attitudes and monitor their progress. But it appears that the children want to have their activities as per the advice of their friends or as per their own wish. Parents may generally frame a tentative time schedule for their children but in many cases, they are unable to enforce it. The children may not complete the homework till they are coaxed late in the night. With lot of difficulty they are able to rush for the school bus for going to the school on week days. Sometimes they may even be late in reaching the school bus in the morning hours. They are usually awake late in the nights watching TV shows, movies & get up very late in the mornings esp. on the week-ends. Their breakfast time on the week-ends may be around 10-11 AM and thus all schedules get disturbed. But the children may not realize this in time.
Some parents may want their young child to attend classes for learning some hobby, music, some indoor or outdoor games & sports etc. The child may not want to go to any or some of these classes. But the parents might have already paid the fees & they may be in a dilemma. Perforce they force the child to go the class, drop him there as well as collect him from there on the days of the class. Sometimes the children may even create a scene in front of the teacher also.
Friends are after all friends. In the teen age level, they may even mislead the children just for fun, without bad intentions, or even with bad intentions. There are some persons, who depend on their friends, for their important decisions in life. It is felt that the views about any matter will also not be same with all friends. In such situations it will be difficult to take a decision. Hence views of the friends may be taken note of and considered along with the views of the parents, teachers & others & final decision should be taken considering all relevant points. Sometimes the children do not inform the parents properly about the problems faced, do not consult them and do not apprise them of the reasons of their decisions. Sometimes they get into confusion and do not take decisions in time, leading to anxiety and tension both for themselves and the parents. Last minute decisions are not always the best, as they appear to have been taken in hurry under duress, so as to respond within the deadlines given for this purpose. If two or three experienced and concerned persons put their heads together, carry out proper analysis, the resultant solution of the problem will definitely be better.
All children are not equal in talents, qualities, mannerisms, the financial condition of their parents, relationships in the family etc. If there is physical harassment, fighting, beating, biased treatment of the children in the same family, bullying in the class, lack of discipline, things are not going to be in order. These sometimes may make the student, not attend the school. The teachers should lay stress on development of the children individually, also giving stress on relationships with teachers & between the children themselves. Students should be able to discuss with their teachers, without fear, any of their problems for their solutions. It is a fact that all parents love their children very much, but making their overall life better, by making use of their experience, is also their responsibility.

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            Any unwanted telephone call is a nuisance and if someone receives such calls in large numbers, spread over a long period and in day and also night; it becomes a matter of serious concern. Such calls can be of various types. One type which is very common has more of nuisance value than any matter of concern.  A person may just dial a number and put the receiver down even before the called person has the time to lift the receiver. He may do it frequently and in succession, just for fun or for harassment. One may just phone and ask for casual, unimportant or unnecessary information, give abuses, just say wrong number or just say nothing but still hold the phone for some time. One can however, be apprehensive of the motives of the caller, irrespective of whether such calls are received in the day or night time. In addition, the calls in the night disturb the sleep as well. In the case of one person, woes of blank telephone calls started after their shifting of the house. He started receiving some calls around 0130-0230 AM in the night for several days. He would say hello, hello, disclose his identity and request the caller to speak and disclose his identity and the purpose of calling at that odd time. But the caller would not speak and after a while he would just disconnect the phone. This continued for several, though not consecutive, nights. Then its frequency reduced slowly.  But then some calls started coming in day times, wherein he could hear the sound of some children playing or talking but no elderly person talking. By holding the receiver for some time they tried to find out some clue, thinking that it could be a child’s prank.  When he discussed this matter with his friends, they advised them to take precautions, keep a record of such calls being received, install a caller ID if possible and also lodge a complaint with the telephone authorities. In the meantime, this person had to move to another house. After this change of residence, for a certain longer period, they were again receiving such unwanted calls, most of which were blind calls with no one speaking from the opposite side. It was not clear whether the caller(s) had some intentions. It could even be the work of a person sitting idle or of a child. This person kept a record of the necessary details of each of these calls, for some time and then carried out an analysis. The data of the number of calls received during the entire period of study was tabulated separately month wise, also as per the day of the week, and as per the time-slot of receiving the call.   In all cases the caller disconnected after a while, without saying anything at all, even when the receiver disclosed his identity and tried to engage him in some conversation. This analysis did not reveal clearly any clue about the time/day/month and source/area/motives of the callers involved, but it cautioned them to be careful at all times and not to take the things lightly. Probably it is advisable to put a caller ID. It is now understood that the incidences of such blank calls have since reduced considerably. He hopes and wishes that it continues to remain at that level, so that his peace is not disturbed. It is unfortunate that there are problems caused even with the items of convenience and necessity.













In the field of management, many decisions are to be taken at short notice, even though they may have far reaching effects subsequently. As a matter of fact, the decisions should be based on data, reports, results of surveys and logical analysis thereof. There are some mathematical/statistical techniques available. Some top management personnel make use of these techniques. But still many use their intuition. Based on his experience, the top person has a feeling about the whole problem and its consequences, which helps him to take a decision, either way. This is a quick method for taking decisions and many persons prefer it. Some of the top persons may even get the decision corroborated by some sort of study for that problem, based on which they may allow earlier decision to continue or to even modify it. This saves lot of time for achieving progress. The success of taking such decision making is based on the confidence of the top management. The mind of the top management should be in a balanced and stable condition, so that even with multifarious, difficult and varying situations, the scenario can be visualized rightly. No doubt there is uncertainty associated with intuition. For that matter, uncertainty in some manner is always associated with many things and events. If we are free of stress or at least having reduced stresses, we are more likely to see the correct path and our decisions are likely to be right in the long run. Best way is logical analysis. The latter sometimes causes diversion due to information overload. A combination of the two is the next best solution. If accuracy of past decisions, based on intuition is good, it is advisable to go ahead similarly and in the bargain, continue to build up the confidence to help in taking decisions in future, in similar or newer situations.





Strategy for publication of scripts


Identification of the target is absolutely necessary, for marketing of any product, even though there are other factors as well. But for achieving success, we should have communication with the target at a proper time & place & in a proper manner, when he is receptive and in his own language, if possible. I have a hobby of writing articles, case studies, interviews, book-reviews etc. in English and Hindi languages, from the beginning of my career. As normally expected, my initial efforts were not very successful, since several of my scripts used to be returned back with the compliments of the Editors. Then I made an analysis of my returned articles, as well as the various write ups published in journals, magazines & newspapers in English & Hindi languages. I formulated my strategy based on the following points: (a) For writing on technical matters in Hindi language, there are not many writers (b) The number of technical write ups in English is large enough, which can be translated into Hindi language. (c) Translation of technical write ups is also a technical work. (d) Assessment indicates that both original technical writings and translations into Hindi language have adequate scope. (e) Number of journals for technical publications in Hindi is expected to increase, which will increase the scope still further. My assessment led me to go in for technical writing in Hindi language. Accordingly, I started in right earnest, writing on technical topics in Hindi, in addition to general topics, including original & review writings and translations of write ups published in English, by Indian and foreign authors. While several scripts in Hindi have been published, one of them has been awarded President of India award. But this strategy did not deter my efforts to write in technical and general fields in English language, and a large number of such scripts have also been published and also posted on web site.