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Control on and disposal of plastic waste


For many years now, various plastic items have been in use for different purposes and under different conditions. These items are light in weight, cheap and some can be reused, if handled properly. These items are popular on account of these characteristics of plastic. With lot of ingenuity, many different uses have been found successfully. This is the positive side. But there is a very big negative side viz, plastic is non-biodegradable. It cannot be destroyed. Plastic carry bags have been in use for a long time and they are very thin, very light and very strong to sustain weight. But their use is mostly on single use basis. These carry bags or similar plastic bags are normally thrown by the people here and there, get carried by wind here and there. They also choke the outlets, drains etc., if they happen to reach there and due to their being impervious to water, a blockage is created and spillage of sewage water etc. takes place. These bags and other waste items, reach waste depots(collection poimts), where these bags get accumulated along with many other items. Many cows inadvertently eat these plastic bags also, along with food wastes and other items. Many cows have died due to this reason, since on post mortem of some cows, huge number of such bags, have been recovered from their stomach. This is a very tragic situation. In the past, efforts to ban uses of such items of plastic, have not been successful. For this purpose, cooperation of the general public is required to be sought. Also coordinated research has to be undertaken at higher level so that we can find a method by which the plastic can become bio-degradable and then the problem will reduce considerably.
Another alarming situation is said to be due to the use of plastic for making artificial rice, cabbage, namkeen Bikaneri sev and some other items. The general public is unable to verify and differentiate natural supply from the artificial supply and the damage to health of all of us is going on. We must jointly correct this situation, by changing the attitude and mindset of the people. We should find alternatives to use of plastic items and bring strong legislation to counter the strong urge to use plastic items. People at all levels, including in schools and colleges, must be made aware and conscious of proper waste management esp. for plastic. If there are plastic items which are large and can be reused, they may be allowed as a special case for the time being. The alternatives to plastic must be clearly spelled out and advised for use. Appropriate directives have also to be given to the producers of such plastic items.





It has been observed that some persons are inclined to criticize, bully and humiliate some other persons (adults and the children alike), in an unfair manner. No one is perfect in the world. Like all others, we all may also have several shortcomings & weaknesses, but we have to effectively stand up to the unfair criticism by others. Normally by nature, we may be polite persons, not inclined to retaliate and attack other persons verbally or in writing. But we cannot and should not allow ourselves to be attacked in this manner. We must consider it as our responsibility to defend ourselves and fight this injustice. It is possible that this may be happening due to prevailing ignorance and that it may reduce with awareness. If so, we must remove this ignorance and create awareness by all means possible including writing, speaking and media. We should contribute and communicate our deep feelings in our own way through our writings/speeches/discussions etc. so as to help in removing the ignorance and the partisan attitude. We should be courageous, bold, truthful and blunt enough to call a spade a spade and rightly decry the comments of such persons/speakers/readers/writers for their biased attitude, so that they can understand and thereby, have feelings of respect for us. At the same time, as a corrective action, we should provide right information and remove their ignorance. It is for us to take the initiative and make this difference. We should ourselves appreciate our culture and efforts of our parents and elders to generate certain qualities. This message, clear and loud enough, should reach out to all concerned, including the teens, for their information and change to a realistic, unbiased and friendly attitude.




Many people are observed to be going after money, whether small or big. But there are exceptions. Recently I came across such a case. Jaipur city has a general tradition of decorating the markets, providing gates and colourful lighting all around on buildings, monuments, gates and shops etc during Diwali festival for about 5 days. A large number of persons, both locals and tourists enjoy these decorative lighting arrangements, along with their purchasing work, if any. However, there are restrictions for plying and parking of both 2 and 4 wheelers during this period. We live in a colony far away from the city centre. One of these days we reached the city centre with a view to see these decorative lighting arrangements. Since the distance to be covered for this purpose was long enough, walking was difficult. So we tried to hire a rickshaw. We settled with one rickshaw and he took us along. He was a very good, pleasing and talkative person. On his own, he showed the photographs of some of the big decorated gates, on his mobile, taken in the late night hours. He was flexible enough to agree to our requests to make changes in the routes, stop any where for some time for a closer view, wait and adjust for a better view. His actions were as if he was doing for his own benefit, but he was doing it for us. He also narrated to us the views of the common man, about the quality of this lighting, which we do not come to know otherwise. Finally at the end of the travel, we thanked him as his attitude was very positive and pleasant. We offered him some additional amount in appreciation, which we may call as tip, but he politely refused to accept it. He appeared to be satisfied with his hard earned money and wanted nothing more than that. We were wondering about the greed of many other persons to get richer and richer somehow or the other, by right means or wrong means, in contrast to this person, who was gleefully satisfied with his small but rightful earnings.





Our selection procedure should be such that only those who are expected to perform well get a chance to join the company. Once in, it is our responsibility to oversee that they do perform by preparing them by training, proper communication, team work, providing resources, guidance, motivation and leadership. If he does not perform well, instead of taking a quick summary action he should be given two more chances. The boss should have patience, maintain good relationship with the employee and not spoil the situation any further. We also have to identify the parameters lacking in him like ignorance of the work partly, not having the skills required for the job, not having the desired motivation or some other reasons. The boss should then discuss the matter with the employee concerned in a cordial atmosphere on one to one basis, wherein the employee should be asked to open up and, share his problems and the reasons of poor performance. The boss should allow him to speak out & give him a patient hearing to identify the exact cause(s), for obtaining the remedial action(s) like training, motivating and generating positive attitude etc. The organization should come forward to help him, so that both will get benefitted. He may be counseled and given a chance and time for training to improve skills, during which period he should be monitored, guided and advised. It should also be understood that if the employee does not get results, it is also the failure of the boss. Firing is not a solution. We will lose a trained hand. Getting another person and training him will take time and there is no guarantee that he will do better or even equal to the earlier person. But if he is sabotaging at any point of time he must be fired straightaway, without any mercy.