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Prevention of Infection through our hands


No one can deny that we should all be careful about matters connected with our health. For a good life, our health should be good. With good environment, chances of our infection would be very less. Infection can take place at home and outside, from various sources, due to environment & people etc. More the chances of meeting the people, more are the chances of infection. Infection takes place when we come in contact with people closely. If we are sick or we come in contact with a sick person, we are likely to transfer or get germs or bacteria, so that sickness further spreads. Hand shake is an important carrier for such transfer of germs. If we use infected hands for rubbing our eyes or touching our face, these are likely to be further affected. Sometimes, we participate in seminars, conferences & lectures etc. On such occasions, we meet lot of persons & greet them with handshakes. We also deal with and come in contact with paper documents, pen or pencil, mike, table, chair, cloth etc. Therefore at lunch time (or even at tea break), we should all wash our hands with soap, before taking our food. At one time, I was participating in a round table conference and the number of participants was about 70 or so. One of the topics was connected with our health, which was taken up immediately after the lunch was over. Before commencing the discussion, the learned speaker asked a question to all the participants, as to how many persons had washed their hands with soap, before taking the lunch. To my surprise, 30% said that they washed their hands with soap water, another 30 % said that they had washed their hands with plain water and the rest did not do anything and proceeded for lunch straightaway. The importance of personal hygiene was thus highlighted to everyone in a clear manner. Our hygiene being thus dependent on our hands, we should increase awareness about this point in the society. On my part, whenever I get an opportunity, I do pass on an appropriate message to the people.





It has been observed that some persons are inclined to criticize, bully and humiliate some other persons (adults and the children alike), in an unfair manner. No one is perfect in the world. Like all others, we all may also have several shortcomings & weaknesses, but we have to effectively stand up to the unfair criticism by others. Normally by nature, we may be polite persons, not inclined to retaliate and attack other persons verbally or in writing. But we cannot and should not allow ourselves to be attacked in this manner. We must consider it as our responsibility to defend ourselves and fight this injustice. It is possible that this may be happening due to prevailing ignorance and that it may reduce with awareness. If so, we must remove this ignorance and create awareness by all means possible including writing, speaking and media. We should contribute and communicate our deep feelings in our own way through our writings/speeches/discussions etc. so as to help in removing the ignorance and the partisan attitude. We should be courageous, bold, truthful and blunt enough to call a spade a spade and rightly decry the comments of such persons/speakers/readers/writers for their biased attitude, so that they can understand and thereby, have feelings of respect for us. At the same time, as a corrective action, we should provide right information and remove their ignorance. It is for us to take the initiative and make this difference. We should ourselves appreciate our culture and efforts of our parents and elders to generate certain qualities. This message, clear and loud enough, should reach out to all concerned, including the teens, for their information and change to a realistic, unbiased and friendly attitude.