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Basically a leader should have the ability to impress, influence and
mould his subordinates, followers and others concerned to accept,
follow and implement his thoughts, ideas and proposals. In my
opinion, that situation is best, when we can motivate a person to work
willingly on his own. However, a leader can use different types of methods
including using coercion or giving of various lucrative offers, for obtaining results. But, a good leadership should properly arrange to select, train initially & periodically, ascertain and allocate suitable areas of working, provide reasonable package, perks and motivation, be honest, transparent, balanced and fair in all dealings of salary raise, bonus, training, promotions, posting and managing and make the persons feel that the organization is theirs,
more than that of the leader. This culture is likely to lead to fast and certain success of the organization. Though for obtaining results, for leadership, there are several other factors also, some of which may be in our hands and some beyond. At least we must do our best in the areas where we can.





It has been observed that some persons are inclined to criticize, bully and humiliate some other persons (adults and the children alike), in an unfair manner. No one is perfect in the world. Like all others, we all may also have several shortcomings & weaknesses, but we have to effectively stand up to the unfair criticism by others. Normally by nature, we may be polite persons, not inclined to retaliate and attack other persons verbally or in writing. But we cannot and should not allow ourselves to be attacked in this manner. We must consider it as our responsibility to defend ourselves and fight this injustice. It is possible that this may be happening due to prevailing ignorance and that it may reduce with awareness. If so, we must remove this ignorance and create awareness by all means possible including writing, speaking and media. We should contribute and communicate our deep feelings in our own way through our writings/speeches/discussions etc. so as to help in removing the ignorance and the partisan attitude. We should be courageous, bold, truthful and blunt enough to call a spade a spade and rightly decry the comments of such persons/speakers/readers/writers for their biased attitude, so that they can understand and thereby, have feelings of respect for us. At the same time, as a corrective action, we should provide right information and remove their ignorance. It is for us to take the initiative and make this difference. We should ourselves appreciate our culture and efforts of our parents and elders to generate certain qualities. This message, clear and loud enough, should reach out to all concerned, including the teens, for their information and change to a realistic, unbiased and friendly attitude.