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Thoughful Decision Making:


I had the good fortune of visiting, the then West Germany and several other nearby countries of Europe, during the year 1975. During this period on one of the week ends, I along with my friends visited one ice skating rink. There were many persons including young children, practising and performing pleasant and even hazardous acts, to the entertainment of the persons present. I got excited and motivated to participate in this sport. I was very eager, since during my 2 years stay at Shimla, I had learnt this game on an ice skating rink, along with several of my friends. We had also participated in a fancy dress competition on this rink. This was a good experience. With this in mind, I almost decided to arrange the kit and take part in Ice skating, since I got a chance to do so after a long time. Then suddenly I remembered the words of my father that before taking any final decision, just consider the matter once more. On this reconsideration, I realized that I was in a foreign country participating in a programme and if some accident/incident/untoward happening happened and I had a fall in the rink, things will be too bad. So I controlled my desires & emotions and enjoyed the performance of other experts playing at that time and did not get upset due to my decision of not participating in this event. This participation might have given me good feelings, but good that better sense prevailed and I did not participate in this event and thereafter, completed my stay in Germany satisfactorily. We can learn from this episode that we should not jump to conclusions, take well thought out decisions, considering relevant factors, with a cool mind.






Any parting is generally sad, but in some cases it may even be otherwise. It is interesting to note the observations of the person going out and the persons who continue to be in the organization. It may present a widely different picture. An effort has been made to study some of the happenings at the time of retirement/transfer of persons. One person arranged an elephant and went home riding the elephant from the office to his house, where he had arranged a lunch for all of his colleagues. Some persons hire a taxi or some other vehicle or go in the normal manner to their residence, but still arrange food for their friends. In some cases, the people go on cycles or two wheelers in a procession up to the house of the retiring person, who arranges tea and snacks or lunch or dinner for them. Some make arrangements in a reasonable hotel even. Sometimes the person is accompanied by just one or two persons or not even accompanied at all. In some places the officer stands on a jeep and the jeep is then pulled by ropes by his colleagues at least for some distance symbolically and then the vehicle runs on fuel and goes forward. One person appeared to be so upset and depressed on the last day that he drank and drank and as a result died on the same day, i.e. the last day of his retirement. Some persons are not able to accept their retirement and they continue to come to their office or factory or the organization at the usual hours for several days after their retirement. Some cry at that time due to losing contact with their friends of many years. In some cases, where the bosses have been very rude and non-cooperative, employees pay them in same coin and at that time the boss becomes helpless. They may face hostile environment like black flag demonstrations both outside and inside the organization premises, while departing by train or air or by road. Consequently, some of such bosses do not disclose their exact departure details. On the contrary, for some of the good bosses, some employees even weep. When a selfish and bad boss leaves a job or is transferred, some employees light lamps of pure ghee to express their happiness and give vent to their feelings.  Relationship management is therefore very important in any organization. People want that their work life and also home life, should both give them happiness and not stress. Some of the bad bosses may not get a good farewell or no farewell at all and may go out humiliated or it may look that the employees are not concerned about this event. Some are treated to sumptuous food and even given gifts or mementoes as a mark of respect and token of remembrance. In some cases, some representatives of employees do come to see them off at the time of their departure from that place, garland them and even decorate the vehicle or the cabin of the train they are travelling in, by using garlands/flowers.






We try to learn some skills at different stages in our life. Sometimes due to ease of convenience, we may just take help of friends and acquaintances for this learning. During my school days I tried to learn cycling with the help of a friend, using a hired cycle, which is normally never in best working condition. During one of the several sessions I was hit by an object near the side of my eye and I got a cut leading to bleeding. I had to take medical advice. It took several days to get healed up. I was fortunate that my eye was not damaged. It dampened my spirits such that I could not learn cycling fully satisfactorily for some time. I still remember the incident up to this long distance in time. I felt that my friend should have been more cautious & serious in making me learn cycling and he should have disallowed use of a hired cycle. There is a case of observing the event of a solar eclipse. As a child there was the usual curiosity. As a group of children, we prepared plain glass strips and blackened them with black soot as advised, to observe the Sun, through its blackened area. This was to prevent strong sunlight from falling directly on the eyes. But due to inadequate advice and expertise available, the strip was probably not blackened properly and fully and it had some areas where soot was insufficient. After one of my friends observed solar eclipse through such a strip, part of the retina of one of his eyes is said to have been burnt, due to which vision from that eye has been partly affected permanently. With proper expertise available and checking of the glass strips, this might not have happened. There is yet another case of a woman learning dance. She learnt the dance quickly and gave a few scintillating performances even, which were appreciated. But after some time she developed knee pain, which made even her walking difficult. She temporarily suspended her passion for dance, consulted a Doctor, got some tests done and is now under medication. It may be quite some time before she can recommence dancing. This appears to be due to some short coming or lack of proper advice during or after coaching sessions. My experience is that we should try to learn the required skills from a professional trainer, so that we are in safe hands, learn the finer points, get satisfactory and complete training without getting involved in accidents.