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Consideration of the talents and views of children in their early life


It is a fact that some young children are born with some exceptional memories, qualities and traits right from their birth onwards. In some cases, the child remembers the happenings of his earlier life, places where he had lived and/or visited, special qualities which he possessed in his earlier life and some of which he may be possessing even now. Such qualities are generally observed in the initial stages of the life of the children and if their parents, teachers and other well-wishers have the time and the inclination to observe and follow up, the same may get developed exceptionally well, in those children. The onus in such cases is on the parents and teachers to identify, highlight such talents and give them encouragement, motivation and prominence to build further on the initial foundation received at the time of the birth. Thus it is accepted that there are some such cases, and that we must promote the observed talents suitably. However, their percentage is not very high.
But there is another matter. Can we say that a child knows about everything authentically, at that young age? Asking the children and to say that we must accept what they say for everything, appears to be a bit too far-fetched. If and when we may ask them about their choices and opinion for everything, it is possible that they may just give their views without any basis. It is like someone asking me about something which I do not know. Even then normally I may say something. Then questions like this may also arise. Even if a child wants or likes a thing which we consider as harmful or hazardous for him, should we give him. If he likes a thing too much and after eating a substantial quantity already, he wants still more, should we discourage him? Further since as a parent, we may know that the child likes a particular item, should we give it to him on our own? Should we as a parent not utilize our knowledge and experience about adverse effects of some items and condition our child accordingly and ensure his safety. Should we take that our child knows everything and we know nothing. Does it not amount to putting lot of stress on the young child? The duty of the parent is to guide the child properly, with his knowledge and experience and the inclinations of the child as observed and get them changed, if necessary, especially when the conditions are harmful and/or hazardous. It is felt that all this should be done in the overall interest of the child, and not considered in an isolated manner.




Basically a leader should have the ability to impress, influence and
mould his subordinates, followers and others concerned to accept,
follow and implement his thoughts, ideas and proposals. In my
opinion, that situation is best, when we can motivate a person to work
willingly on his own. However, a leader can use different types of methods
including using coercion or giving of various lucrative offers, for obtaining results. But, a good leadership should properly arrange to select, train initially & periodically, ascertain and allocate suitable areas of working, provide reasonable package, perks and motivation, be honest, transparent, balanced and fair in all dealings of salary raise, bonus, training, promotions, posting and managing and make the persons feel that the organization is theirs,
more than that of the leader. This culture is likely to lead to fast and certain success of the organization. Though for obtaining results, for leadership, there are several other factors also, some of which may be in our hands and some beyond. At least we must do our best in the areas where we can.






            I travel down the memory lane, more than 60 years in my life and recollect my school days, when a young Science teacher, used to teach Science to us. He had welfare of the children uppermost in his mind. He used to take our monthly tests and I had the good fortune of getting the highest marks viz. 4 ¾ out of 5 marks in Science for several months. He was very much fascinated by my performance. One day he spoke to my respected father and told him “This boy deserves cent percent marks, but I cannot give full marks.”  He further advised that I should be allowed and encouraged to take Science subjects for a successful career. My father accepted his advice and gave me all possible help, encouragement and motivation. This Science teacher also told my drawing teacher for giving special attention to me in the drawing lessons. This further strengthened my respect for him and our relationship as a teacher-student, increased to the extent of fascination and admiration. On close scrutiny, I found him to be a self-less and dedicated teacher and an affable person with many other qualities, apart from his sense of being well-dressed. His motivation helped me in developing a vision for my life. All through my school days and later, I took him as my role-model and I continued to get inspiration from him, which helped me a lot in my progress, as well as in developing human values. It is very difficult to find such persons. He will always be remaining in my thoughts.      With this background I completed my school examination with distinction, topped in the College in B Sc., and then completed graduation in Engineering from B H U and then rose to a high rank in Government of India service (before my voluntary retirement).  While I am grateful to my parents for everything they did for me, I also have high regards for the then young Science teacher of mine, for taking personal interest and going out of the way, beyond the realm of his normal duties, for a young soul like me. I cannot forget his motivation, driving me to succeed and to excel, which enabled me to have a meritorious and satisfying career with several scholarships, achievements and awards. He thought I was his discovery, whereas I thought he was my discovery. I salute you, Sir, my Science teacher.


                                                                                                                                           ——— vijaiksharma@sify.com





Being a very ambitious person, I have been wanting to achieve many things across several fields & build a name for myself. Sometimes at the end of the day I was having a feeling that I have not achieved much in the course of the day. During self-assessment my finger used to be towards several of my errors or weak points, but never to my achievements. Of course I had known several persons who would gloat over and give publicity to even small achievements of theirs. But this was never my cup of tea. I got into the habit of writing a daily diary regularly from my early days, due to the motivation of my father. I was advised to write daily diary (just before going to sleep) thinking, listing out and writing briefly about what actually I had achieved in the day. The contents of my diary writings were not connected with any specific topic but were general in nature.  After some time this diary writing opened my eyes and my feelings of non-performance and depression started disappearing. I got a feeling that I was indeed achieving substantially although not all that I wanted. It caused me sufficient motivation to redouble my efforts and venture in several fields. I started writing diary while travelling also. These were later posted/published as travelogue. I was tempted to make brief notes from the books read by me, with a view to learn some good points. This habit made me write book-reviews and abstracts of books and articles and many have been published in magazines and posted on web sites. The habit of writing also culminated into writing of blogs, several of which have also been posted on web sites. From the points of my diary also, I could write & post blogs. The journey of writing diary has been transformed into publishing and posting of blogs, book-reviews and abstracts. We can continuously write diary for our memories and experience, honest sharing of views and opinion and expressing our own inner feelings to the outside world. We may go deep and discuss both sides of a topic, which may be helpful in solving a problem. While reading the diary later on, the contents may remind us of the past problems faced, methods of overcoming, results achieved, confidence gained and getting   names of some persons which we might have forgotten. This practice has certainly paid me dividends.





Our selection procedure should be such that only those who are expected to perform well get a chance to join the company. Once in, it is our responsibility to oversee that they do perform by preparing them by training, proper communication, team work, providing resources, guidance, motivation and leadership. If he does not perform well, instead of taking a quick summary action he should be given two more chances. The boss should have patience, maintain good relationship with the employee and not spoil the situation any further. We also have to identify the parameters lacking in him like ignorance of the work partly, not having the skills required for the job, not having the desired motivation or some other reasons. The boss should then discuss the matter with the employee concerned in a cordial atmosphere on one to one basis, wherein the employee should be asked to open up and, share his problems and the reasons of poor performance. The boss should allow him to speak out & give him a patient hearing to identify the exact cause(s), for obtaining the remedial action(s) like training, motivating and generating positive attitude etc. The organization should come forward to help him, so that both will get benefitted. He may be counseled and given a chance and time for training to improve skills, during which period he should be monitored, guided and advised. It should also be understood that if the employee does not get results, it is also the failure of the boss. Firing is not a solution. We will lose a trained hand. Getting another person and training him will take time and there is no guarantee that he will do better or even equal to the earlier person. But if he is sabotaging at any point of time he must be fired straightaway, without any mercy.