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            Any unwanted telephone call is a nuisance and if someone receives such calls in large numbers, spread over a long period and in day and also night; it becomes a matter of serious concern. Such calls can be of various types. One type which is very common has more of nuisance value than any matter of concern.  A person may just dial a number and put the receiver down even before the called person has the time to lift the receiver. He may do it frequently and in succession, just for fun or for harassment. One may just phone and ask for casual, unimportant or unnecessary information, give abuses, just say wrong number or just say nothing but still hold the phone for some time. One can however, be apprehensive of the motives of the caller, irrespective of whether such calls are received in the day or night time. In addition, the calls in the night disturb the sleep as well. In the case of one person, woes of blank telephone calls started after their shifting of the house. He started receiving some calls around 0130-0230 AM in the night for several days. He would say hello, hello, disclose his identity and request the caller to speak and disclose his identity and the purpose of calling at that odd time. But the caller would not speak and after a while he would just disconnect the phone. This continued for several, though not consecutive, nights. Then its frequency reduced slowly.  But then some calls started coming in day times, wherein he could hear the sound of some children playing or talking but no elderly person talking. By holding the receiver for some time they tried to find out some clue, thinking that it could be a child’s prank.  When he discussed this matter with his friends, they advised them to take precautions, keep a record of such calls being received, install a caller ID if possible and also lodge a complaint with the telephone authorities. In the meantime, this person had to move to another house. After this change of residence, for a certain longer period, they were again receiving such unwanted calls, most of which were blind calls with no one speaking from the opposite side. It was not clear whether the caller(s) had some intentions. It could even be the work of a person sitting idle or of a child. This person kept a record of the necessary details of each of these calls, for some time and then carried out an analysis. The data of the number of calls received during the entire period of study was tabulated separately month wise, also as per the day of the week, and as per the time-slot of receiving the call.   In all cases the caller disconnected after a while, without saying anything at all, even when the receiver disclosed his identity and tried to engage him in some conversation. This analysis did not reveal clearly any clue about the time/day/month and source/area/motives of the callers involved, but it cautioned them to be careful at all times and not to take the things lightly. Probably it is advisable to put a caller ID. It is now understood that the incidences of such blank calls have since reduced considerably. He hopes and wishes that it continues to remain at that level, so that his peace is not disturbed. It is unfortunate that there are problems caused even with the items of convenience and necessity.












Human brain is very powerful. We get brilliant and useful ideas from our brain at different points of time. But this time is not fixed. We may get such ideas, at the time of our thinking, even when we least expect them. These may occur just before sleeping, just after getting up, waiting at a bus stop, railway station or airport or even when we get some free time. Ideas come in a flash and may go away equally suddenly, if we do not understand them equally fast. It may get lost forever. Hence we .should record the idea immediately, in very brief say in one line or a few words to get some hint later. At one stage when I found that I was losing such ideas I arranged immediately a small pocket diary along with a pen in my pocket to write the point in brief immediately without making any judgement about its utility or otherwise. This judgement about importance and value should in fact be done later on. We can even keep a few sheets of loose paper in the pocket to record the points. There can be more than one diary since it will be better to always keep one diary and pen near the pillow on the bed. My experience is that the ideas have sometimes come at some bizarre moments in life. Most of these ideas have been found to be very successful. These ideas may be brand new, unheard of or old ideas in which the mind suggests improvement, involvement or participation or progressing of an existing idea. The skill lies in not only carefully recording the idea but first in identifying the brilliance, progressing and following it to its logical conclusion. The time required for ripening of the idea may vary, not only as per the idea but also our efforts, time and seriousness put in by us.