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I recollect the contribution of my late mother, for my progress in life. Amidst limited resources of our family, she managed to educate her three children and take them to high levels in life. Sensing our thoughts after return from school especially for likings in food, giving directions in matters of health and studies, ensuring that we do get respect in the neighbourhood, ascertaining our ideas about our aims and objectives in life and keeping adequate information and simple thoughts, she showed the way and motivated us for going on the right path. Even though she was not highly educated, but yet she had lot of common sense and practical experience and capability of sensing the things in advance. With the apprehensions of our going on the wrong path sometimes, she pointed out to us, at the appropriate time and explained the reasons for such actions. She got adequate respect in the neighbourhood as well as from the relatives, as she was adapt at coordinating and maintaining good relations with almost everyone. As a result of her guidance, we learnt many good things e.g. best possible use of the limited resources, regular work style, discipline in life and regular savings etc. While adequate preventive measures were taken, she was very prompt in getting adequate medical treatment and ensuring rest for us on our getting sick. We can never forget her quality of facing and resolving the problems peacefully, with a smile, even in difficult times. Whatever we are today, it is because of her. We remember her and continue to pay our respects to her.





Programmes of the Government for Social Security benefits, should guarantee arranging of adequate resources for food and shelter and promotion of health, welfare & well-being as per the resources of the State and the organizations, for every eligible member of the society especially for children, elderly, sick, handicapped, unemployed, retired but not having pension benefits and poor etc. They should continue to get some minimum amount of funds to carry on their lives and develop themselves with dignity, as a welfare scheme. Many of the persons/employees/workers, especially at the lower rung, suffer, due to unemployment or inadequate flow of funds, after retirement, whereas their expenditure is increasing due to illnesses, family commitments, inflation etc. Social Security benefits should be considered as a sort of Social insurance, so that all such persons/employees/workers and their families, do not suffer.
From time to time this subject has been discussed and the requirements pointed out through the representatives of Trade unions organizations, Employer’s organizations, Industry Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Labour Law Consultants and other officials and organizations. The requirement is for its universal application especially for all eligible persons/employees/workers etc., with no exemptions of any type, to avoid any types of abuse of the exemptions. The provisions should continue to improve their lives. Also no contribution should be taken from any of such persons/employees/workers (whether from organized or un-organized sector) and there should be no exploitation and also no corruption of any type. There should be frequent inspections, to protect such persons/employees/workers etc. from exploitation by employers, agencies and others. The various Social Security provisions, definitions, titles of the dealing offices and the officers and other relevant matters should be easy to understand by normal persons and fully clear, with no confusion. All the schemes must be run through the State only, which should make effective provisions for securing the right to work, to education and to public assistance in cases of unemployment, old age, sickness & disablement etc., so that eligible persons are not deprived of any benefits. However, it must be carefully examined, as to how, and for which specific category of persons, this type of schemes can be implemented, considering the financial resources which can be made available for this purpose.