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Performance in an Organization


A company runs on profit, which comes from achievement of required performance of all its employees. Overall performance is result of individual work and team work. Being a chain, a weak link anywhere, weakens the whole chain and thus reduces the overall performance. The employee may be appearing to be engaged in his work, but in reality his contribution may not be adequate enough. There may also be some problem(s) in achieving the expected results. Therefore, we should judge employees on the basis of a realistic overall performance appraisal and not on the basis of an incomplete picture, so that the employees will not get unnecessarily penalized. First of all selection procedure should be such that likely underperformers do not get a chance to join the company. Once they are taken in, it is our responsibility to oversee that they perform by training, proper communications, team work, providing resources, leadership, guidance and motivation etc. He must then perform. If he does not perform he should be given 2 chances. Then he should be asked the reasons for poor or non-performance in a proper advisory atmosphere to open up and share his problems. If the organization can help in any way, it should come forward to help him, so that, both will get benefitted. This help should be based on judging his overall traits by a committee of 3 persons. In my opinion, firing the employee is not a solution. We will lose a trained hand. Getting another person and training him will take time and what is the guarantee that he will do better or even equal to the earlier person. But if the person is found to be sabotaging at any time he must be fired straightaway without any mercy.